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Dropped: June 01, 2011 (for the second time)
Comment Count: 5,795
If it wasn't already obvious, calling hiatus for this and next week! Between finals next week and an assignment due on Thursday that I had to teach myself from the ground up (and still have to actually complete).

Not important enough for CFO.

A Canon Update I CAN Do

Blood Type: S RH- [A Rare Blood Type]

Googling doesn't list this as an actual blood type, though it does tell me that only 15% of people have RH-, but that's not specifically S RH-


I'm heading off to my first final! (Of which it is only the first half of my first final- gosh why did he split it up over two weeks >|)

BUT! Leave a message at the beep and I'll get back to you with Christmas or non-denominational gifts!

This stands for:

  • Sanji

  • Gintoki Sakata

  • Professor Oak

  • Gamzee Makara

Strong World Icons [Brook]

I was reminded by Brook showing up in chan but I didn't finish before he had to leave! Alas!

I didn't have as many screencaps as I did for Sanji, but I did have more than I thought! I didn't have to toss as many either for being weird.

Nevertheless, Strong World Brook icons!Collapse )

I'm sure I missed some integral scene, I don't mind going back and capping if I missed something!


Strong World Icons--- BEGIN! [Sanji]

Watched Strong World! Took a lot of screencaps (and still probably missed a few excellent scenes since I kept getting CAUGHT UP IN IT BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME).

But I still took a whole bunch, and will be making icons, but I decided to be selfish and do ones that involve my personal interests first. And made 42 icons, so other crewmates will be coming later!

There's a bunch of snow and lighting that made iconning a pain, I had to toss at least 20% of the icons I made because they just couldn't come out well.

SanjiCollapse )



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Man it's been... forever since the last time I did this. I couldn't even figure out when I dropped Iwata so I just used Excel's drop date. I bet I forgot someone.


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